Corporate Coaching

In order to inspire and motivate the people around us, a leader must project their goals and ambitions in order to inspire their team, while making their expectations clear.  Successful businesses and associations function as a whole, and that whole looks to management to guide them.  Paul Monahan Coaching and Consulting will help you understand how you project yourself, and how it is received by others, so that you can maximize the effectiveness of your message.

I specialize in:

  • Leadership Engagement
  • Energy Leadership
  • Energetic Sales Leadership
  • Change Leadership
  • Coaching Fundamentals

Individual Coaching

In order to experience your full potential as an individual, you must learn to recognize your greatest strengths while overcoming the personal tendencies that limit the effectiveness of our actions.  By taking an honest, objective inventory of our abilities, we can learn to enhance our greatest qualities, and capitalize on our innate ability to succeed.  Paul Monahan provides thoughtful, honest, and compassionate life coaching to individuals who are sincere in their desire to improve their lives, and are willing to do the necessary work to achieve this goal.

If you are an individual who is interested in growing on your journey…If you believe that YOU are responsible for creating the amazing life and career that you deserve…if you are looking for a partnership with someone who can help you achieve more achievement, joy and happiness in your life than you would have ever believed you could, then let’s talk about putting a plan together to get you there.

It starts with an Energy Leadership Index Assessment which gives us both a very clear picture of how you show up energetically in every situation.

Then I customize a coach/client partnership program so that you and I can work together to help you accomplish whatever you want to.

Coach-Client Partnership

The partnership between the coach and client is an amazingly supportive and creative space in which powerful shifts can begin.

As your coach, I create this space for you and I to collaborate in a powerful and trusting way toward your most important goals and dreams.