Leaders are made, not born.

I didn’t used to think like I do today. Like most of you (I suspect), I have been a work-in-progress.

I have been very fortunate to have enjoyed a 25-year sales and marketing career at some of the most recognizable brand-name organizations in North America. And along the way, I have met and worked with some incredible mentors and leaders whose impact is still with me today.

Throughout my career, I have maintained a couple key philosophies:
First: Treat People Honestly, and Fairly.
Second: The best way to succeed is to find out what OTHERS need…and SERVE their interests FIRST.

Through the joys of victory, and in the disappointments of defeat, my experiences, training and observations have shaped me into the LEADER and CREATOR I am today. In my business, my family, my community and my LIFE.

Today I know that we are ALL leaders and creators. (Yes, I did say leaders AND creators…Every one of us.)

As a professional coach working in the personal development and performance space, I practice the iPEC  Core Energy Coaching™ model, along with the tools and content from the COR.E Performance Dynamics coaching system. This powerful coaching model has at its foundation, the idea that our CORE THOUGHTS drive our CORE FEELINGS, which produce predictable ACTIONS or RESULTS. The more productive our CORE THOUGHTS, the higher the potential for success we enjoy in our leadership and performances.

And so we are all leaders; LEADING and CREATING our lives every day.

As your coach, my promise to you is that I will:

  • Serve you by being present in every conversation we have.
  • Communicate honestly.
  • Work with you to identify what you want to create in your life. (Personally and/or professionally). 
  • Help you to build an action plan to realize the dreams and desires you are working toward.
  • Hold you accountable to the agreements we make together, and to those you make with yourself.